Baby Shower Games: Fun and Functional!

Baby shower games can be so much fun, and games always add excitement and laughter to the festivities. You really are limited only by your imagination and resourcefulness. There are many easy and fun game suggestions online, at party supply stores, and in magazines. Let’s discuss some easy, popular baby shower games for your baby shower!

Combine party favors with a fun baby shower game by creating mini baby diapers, by cutting small triangles from pink, blue, or yellow baby print fabric. Use pinking shears to cut them out, then pin them together with a tiny gold tone safety pin. Add things like jelly bellies or butter mints, but in one of the diapers, put a surprise such as a smear of peanut butter or a chocolate chip. Pin these on guests as they come in, and the one with the “surprise” wins a prize!

A cute piggy bank game is to ask the guests to bring extra pocket change. Everyone can take a turn at mentioning something they have never done before (‘mooned’ someone, gone skinny dipping, etc.) Everyone who has done the thing mentioned must put a coin in the piggy bank. Once the game ends, give the piggy bank to the mother-to-be as the baby’s first piggy bank.

Arrange with one of your friends that the mother-to-be does not know, to come in late to the shower. Ask them to dress oddly, and carry a large purse or bag. Act as if you are upset, because the late arriver has disrupted the shower, and you are not sure they are even supposed to be there. Tell the late arrival they must show their invitation, or leave. The guest then plops down on the floor, and starts taking baby items out of the bag to try to find her invitation. When the invitation is shown, tell her that she can stay. Then she clumsily picks up the bag and joins the party. Now, the guests have to write down every “goodie” the guest had in the bag. Whoever can remember the most correct items that fell out of the bag is the winner. Also, the mom-to-be gets to keep all the “goodies” in the bag!!

Buy several different kinds of chocolate candy bars, and a package of baby diapers. Number the diapers with a marker. Write the same number on an envelope, and put the candy bar wrapper in the envelope. Melt about half of that candy bar in the diaper. Have each guest write on a piece of paper, the number on the diaper, and what candy bar they think is melted in it. Let them sniff the mess in the diapers, if they want, and be sure to have a camera on hand for some pictures of the diaper-sniffing!

Purchase several tiny clothespins. Clip 2-3 onto the collar or shirt of each guest when she arrives. Let each guest know that whoever catches another person saying the word “baby” gets to take her clothespin. Whoever has the most clothespins at the end of the shower wins!

No matter which of these baby shower games you choose, of if you have your own to play, baby shower games really make baby showers lots of fun. With any luck, they will provide entertainment and plenty of useful items for the new arrival!

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The Party Wall Agreement Isn’t All Fun and Games

Before jumping into the purchase of a duplex, there are some legal issues that you’ll want to consider. Many are unaware that duplex living is akin to living in a condo, and there are certain agreements that should jointly agreed upon, and on paper, before you sign the dotted line.

Duplexes have become more and more popular as they are a great way to afford the luxuries of home ownership without becoming totally housebroke. Generally much more affordable than the average single family home of equivalent square footage, the duplex appeals especially to young families and to couples looking to get into the market. But like any “great deal” there’s a flip side that should not be overlooked.

To begin with, you’re entering into ownership beside a neighbor, a very close neighbor in fact. So close, is your neighbor that you’ll share a wall that divides your respective homes. The part of duplex living and ownership that is similar to that of a condo, is the legally binding agreement called, “The Party Wall Agreement”. No, this is not only there so you can mutually decide on who’s having parties, and when. Although, it may delineate acceptable noise levels for your prospective parties. But, what it really is, is a sort of home association for a party of two.

The Party Wall agreement, will cover how the two sides of ownership will deal with shared expenses such as insurance, structural issues, including roof upkeep and replacement, foundation and shared utility service lines. It may also include routine maintenance and address stylistic and architectural issues such as the exterior look of the home, and the construction of other improvements such as fences and sheds.

Consider that before purchasing a duplex you are entitled to peruse the already existing party agreement and to enter into negotiations to make amendments, if necessary. If this is the duplex owner’s first time selling one half of the duplex, you might want to have, “negotiating a party-wall agreement” as one of your offer’s subjects. Note that down the line, should one duplex owner break the rules, the other owner is technically protected by the agreement and can put a lien on the other’s properties in order to collect funds, if need be.

Of course, you can have the world’s best legal documents, but if your uber close neighbor is a “not- so-nice” person, well then you’re likely to have problems. This being said, just as in a condo development, if you can meet with you’re fellow neighbor, and get a sense of who they are, and what kind of life they lead, it may give you more insight into whether or not you’ll want to live close to them, and enter into a legal agreement with them. The flip side, is of course nothing but the agreement can really protect you. Seemingly great people, can turn out to be terrible neighbors. Not to be a kill joy here, but if you’re considering purchasing a duplex, keep in mind the true dual nature of ownership you’re entering into. It can be a wonderful investment so long as you collectively set the appropriate rules to make it so.

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It’s All Fun and Games Until The Cops Show Up

I remember one day in the sideshow. On this morning Doc calls me over to his housetrailer and he has this big sewing needle out on the table. He says, I have a new act that you can do Markie. I watched….I thought sure he was going to have me push this needle down the hollow throat of the rubber chicken and claim he was the sword swallowing chicken. Nope, I could not get that lucky!

Doc picks up this huge sewing needle and proceeds to push the thing into his arm. There is blood just dripping down his arm – but he is in no pain. I start to shake a bit…feel a bit woozey…

Doc pulls the needle out, wipes it off – does somthing to clean it up…I don’t know I was ready to get very sick to my stomach. Doc says: “okay, markie…you try it”

I start to argue with Doc – “Oh no pal, I’m the magician and the bed of nails guy…yada yada.”

Batman Rick says: You are the pain proof man. I agreed – but that was the wrong thing to do in this case. Rick picks up the sewing needle…kinda moves it out of the way and squeezes abit of fat from around my stomach….”Just relax” he says “When you squeeze the fat here it will stop you from getting sick to your stomach” I thought he was right because I was feeling alittle better.

All the sudden Rick pushes this needle into my stomach and I leave out yell: “OOOUUUUUCCCHHHHH” ~~~~~I must be honest, it hurt!

Rick said “Control your mind Mark…it’s all in the mind” Well, this all builds up to the bed of nails stunt…because Rick was 100% right, it was all in the mind.

As my blood filled my t-shirt and made a mess everywhere I started to feel better about the pain.

Now my cousin Jim comes walking over and sees my blood everywhere and says: “Are you okay Mark?” Now, I am trying to get used to the pain and am in shock because I have a needle hanging out of my stomach….Jim heard a huge “OOOUUUCCCHHHHH” and came over to see what the noise was about…..but here I am with this needle in my stomach and my own blood everywhere and Jim asks me the dumbest question ever: Are you okay Mark? I said to him, “Would you be okay with this needle in your gut?” Jim thinks this is a joke or a magic trick and he says: “that’s gross.” Now, I don’t know how to take that from a guy that sticks stuff up his nose for a living.

Rick says to me: “See it’s been 5 minutes and you are fine…do that in the show tonight” So, well…i end up putting it into the show thinking it would be no big deal and on my first try there is this 6 foot tall dude there trying to impress his girl – he knows how we do each act, the swords fold up, the girl is a guy, the guy is a girl, we use trap doors, we use fat suits – you name it and this guy was WRONG….about everything. Well, I pushed that needle into my arm and this dude just faints…his friends catch him ~ he’s out cold. It’s tear down night – we are moving out of one town and into another one….well, we get finished and go to Denny’s and there is this farmboy that tried to impress his girlfriend.

Well, I send Jim out to the truck to re-adjust my bed of nail because we just threw them into the truck and I knew they kinda rolled around abit on the way over to Denny’s. I order my food and Jim’s – he is outside stacking the truck.

Well, the Fatlady is in the Denny’s and our midget was there and well..we were used to people looking at us funny and like we were weird. This farmboy sees that the fatlady is still in her ‘fatsuit’ so he knows that was WRONG and he sees the midge is walking around – with no trick mirrors – so he knows that’s WRONG. This ugly farmboy was about to make the worst mistake of his life and he didn’t even know it. Rick and whatever girl he has at the time are sitting there eatting and this farm boy walks over to Rick and says: We don’t serve long haired hippies in here.

Ricks says to him – trying to be polite ~ “Oh? Why not, they serve hog like you here farmboy.” I thought oh no…here we go…This dude says to Rick: “How about you say this outside?” All I can think about is Jim is outside re-making the truck and this could get messy and I am not in the mood for this. The dude says to Rick:” say that outside” So Rick says to the dude:’Why, you can’t hear inside? Go eat you slop hogboy and if you still feel like you want to wallow in your own muck, maybe after I eat…wipe that dung off your boots and eat your slop and when I am finished I’ll take you on…fair enough?”

This guy makes an attempt to grab Rick – All I remember seeing is ole farm boy gets thrown through a plate glass window – people are running everywhere and someone calls the cops. This dude lands in the parking lot – Jim turns around and ole farmboy missed my bed of nails by about 3 inches. The cops come….Rick pays $250 cash for the broken glass and ole farmboy goes to jail for disorderly conduct.